Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fox News

Fox says:
Fully 91 percent of Bush voters and 93 percent of Kerry voters say they will definitely vote for their man.

More convidence from Kerry voters vs. Bush voters.

Can you say 'osama' ???

No Bin Laden no second term. Simple as that. And it is fair enough.

America deserves better than this.

[I will miss the tax cut. Will you?]


Blogger Rightwingsparkle said...

So doing exactly what Osama wants is a good thing???

and Yeah, I have 4 kids, I will REALLY miss the tax cuts.

November 1, 2004 at 6:08 AM  
Blogger Heraclius said...

Spell Confidence right you moron.

November 1, 2004 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger just a guy said...

I've noticed a lot of partisan Republicans are quick to write off any criticism of the current president as irrational "Bush hatred." In their minds this seems to be a sufficient enough response to justifying ignoring any number of facts, ideas or rationales. Pushing it any further results in them shouting "liberal" (as if it were a bad word) and making claims that the most moderate (or even conservative) Bush objector is nothing more than a partisan Democrat (note, they will probably use the word "liberal" here as well).

While there are certainly those out there who hate Bush (some irrationally), I wouldn't say that I hate Bush. In fact, I wish him a nice retirement on his ranch in Texas, so long as he's not ruining running my country. I do however strongly dislike Bush as a politician, and suspect that many of the other so-called "Bush-haters" have a similar rationale behind their not-so-irrational distaste for the man.
Continue reading "A look back at 4 years"... ยป

Upon taking office, Bush cut off several investigations Clinton had put in place regarding the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole. These investigations were tracking the movements of a now famous terrorist organization called al Queda. Bush cut off these investigation simply because they were Clinton's. Could 9/11 have been avoided if Bush had chosen NOT to cancel the investigation of al Queda? Who knows, but it might have.

Following 9/11 we had an outpouring of international support unlike anything in history. Bush could have used to to build strong relationships with our nation's allies and raise America's status in the world to an ever higher level. Instead he took an isolationist strategy that alienated our allies and squandered their good will.

Next he sent a tiny force in Afghanistan, which was used to topple the Taliban governmental structure (a good thing) but too small to do serious damage to al Queda (a very bad thing). Osama soon became a forgotten name to him though as he mobilized for a war he had alluded to prior even to taking office. No connections between Saddam and 9/11 despite the claims being made multiple times most frequently by Vic President Cheney. According to Charles A. Duelfer, the United States weapons inspector handpicked by President George W. Bush, Iraq did not have WMD nor a program to create such weapons and was in fact a declining threat. Following the report, even the White House has admitted this fact.

Despite an unproven justification for the war, we are there now and attacks on our troops are increasing every single day. Attacks that are perpetrated (according to both military and civilian analysts) by the way most predominantly by Iraqi citizens weary of the occupation, NOT by al Queda terrorists. Despite the increase in violence, Bush has not shown any intent to modify his plan to achieve any type of resolution, and he has not identified any type of exit plan. Right now, it appears, that his plan is to continue to throw American bodies at the problem and hope it goes away.

At home, Bush has continually spent massive amounts of tax payers dollars to fund his war among other less than peak priority programs. He has in fact nearly out spent any democratic president in the history of the country. Despite his massive spendings, he has instituted tax cuts that only have had any significant effect on the wealthy and have pushed us into a record deficit. One place he has cut back spending significantly is in education, one place he SHOULD NOT have cut back on. No Child Left Behind was an EXCELLENT piece of legislation and one of the few things he has done that I agreed with him on. However, by choosing not to fund No Child Left Behind he has put more stress on an already struggling education system, damaging the education of our children which is the most important thing for our nation's future.

Further he has trashed the 1st amendment. Even as governor of Texas he was harsh on free speech and had citizens arrested (included a group of disabled citizens) for doing nothing more than peacefully protesting (because it's not illegal to peacefully protest in this country, the charges were thrown out by the courts in most cases). As president he has not changed. He has instituted a policy or "free speech zones" which amount to fenced off areas as much as 3 miles away from where he is speaking. Dissenters are herded into these enclosures while supporters are free to attend the event. People have been arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts and holding signs.

The Patriot Act assaults our rights to privacy. The government now has full access to any information about us. By simply citing a suspicion of terrorism (the definition of which can be chosen bet the government on a case by case basis, making any of us, even you, a terrorist if the government decides it wants to look in on you) courts are now required to give the order for your home or personal property to be searched WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE and they don't EVER have to tell you. You could come home to a ransacked house and never know why or who did it.

Finally, a house divided cannot stand. While he claims to be a uniter, Bush has pushed wedge issues such as same-sex marriage into today's politics, actually attempting to write discrimination into the United States Constitution (something he previously said he would not do). He has not worked with Democrats in Congress to create legislation that best represents the wishes of the American people but rather has used the Republican controlled Congress to squeak past decidedly conservative legislation that is opposed by the democratic nearly half of Congress and the American citizens they represent. When the President and the Congress are of the same party, that kind of thing happens but never to the degree that George Bush has taken it to.

November 1, 2004 at 10:37 PM  

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