Sunday, October 31, 2004

Redskins lost

Washington Redskins lost.
Look here what that means:

football and election

Fox News

Fox says:
Fully 91 percent of Bush voters and 93 percent of Kerry voters say they will definitely vote for their man.

More convidence from Kerry voters vs. Bush voters.

Can you say 'osama' ???

No Bin Laden no second term. Simple as that. And it is fair enough.

America deserves better than this.

[I will miss the tax cut. Will you?]

The President speaks


Picture 2
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Mercedes started a new line with their "CLS"

Nice. Hard to see that its actually based on the less attractive E class.

the story changes

When I started asking questions a week ago, why Osama has not been caught people usually replied that Osama was most likely dead.
Well he is not. So people changed the story.

The same happened with simple topics like:

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
Prisoner abuse in Iraq
9/11 involvement of Iraq

Let's face it: Four years ago the war on Iraq was a done deal. Bush and Company wanted it from that day on.
They used 9/11 as a reason. Even though its none.

You have to go through more and more mental hoops to share the view of the administration.
In 1944 Hitler had some support in the german population. Just that their arguments beame more
convoluted. Until truth caught up.

Truth will catch up with the NeoCon Bushites.
It will be either now or in 2008. If its is later than there will be more suffering. For the world and for America.

Iraq is not going as planned. Anybody has any doubt in that?
Troop level is double of what it was planned for.
There are simply no troops left to address Iran or North Korea.

'Bring them on' Bush said.
He also said he would smoke terrorists out. But:
The Bush administration has created more Terrorists than Osama could have ever dreamed off.

George might be your dream neighbour. But as a president he plain sucks.
If Tony Blair would like to read Bush' Website he would find "access denied".
A person attempting to become President of the USA that just does not care about the rest of the world?
That is plain dangerous.

You think America is powerful enough not to care about the rest of the world?

You are more stupid than the world thinks you are.

What kind of car are your driving?
What kind of care would you like to drive?
Who do you think loans George the money for his gigantic national debt?
That computer you are using right now, where has it been assembled?
The clothes you are wearing, where do they come from?
Those sneakers might have an american logo, you know where they come from?

Saturday, October 30, 2004

"I am not that concerned" (gwb about obl)

Bush didn't capture Bin Laden.

He had 3 years
He had 3000 reasons
He has 3 days left to spin it

Friday, October 29, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a stupid movie

Since some people commented here and elsewhere in that direction;

I never saw "Fahrenheit 9/11". Why should I watch a stupid movie. Michael Moore is a 'one trick Pony'
as a film maker. "provocation" is a very easy thing to do. I didn't watch F9/11 because it was predicatble
what I would have seen. And 9/11 did cost peoples lives. It needs to be treated with utmost respect.
Not used for propaganda.

Mr Bush does not have the needed respect either: Joking around he would not be concerned about Osama is simply not the right thing to do.

Bin Laden is still at large. Bush failed us.

Simple as that.

get this guy out of the tape biz!

Bin Laden is back. On tape. But that is bad enough.
Bush had three years. The world was willing to help him after 9/11 to get Bin Laden.
He could have gotten him.

He didn't. He failed us.

He said he would smoke him out .
He didn't.

9/11 needs a strong reaction: Get the guys who did it, and make sure it never happens.
It happened during Bush' watch. Anybody who tries to blame Clinton for 9/11 is desperate.
The President is the President. Most powerful man in the world.
Does not automtically mean that you act like it.

But you have the responsibility to do so.
If not, then you don't get reelected. That is fair enough.
It is called democracy. Democracy will defeat Bin Laden.
Bush couldn't.

Or could he?

1000 american soldiers and 100,000 iraqi soldiers have dies in iraq. And, just to be clear:
There is NO connection between Iraq and 9/11. Try to find a quote of Bush where he would
say that loud and clear what you might have in your head. You will not find anything. Bush
suggested it in indirectly often enough. But he never said it, since there was no evidence.
There was no evidence because it was not so.

Bin Laden has to go away. Quickly. Do you know that he is a dialysis patient?
Bush could not get a man that needs to be at such a machine every 2 days.

C'mon that is ridicolous.


Thanks for all those comments. And thanks that they are mostly civil.
Bush didn't get Bin Laden. That is a fact. After 9/11 the world and the US were united.
Bush said he would get him. Till then, he did not get him. It was his job to do so.
He is commander in chief. He spend Billions of Dollars. More than 1000 brave
american soldiers have lost their lives. More than 100,000 Iraqi civilians lost their lives.
The world is not a saver place.
There were no weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq.
The "coalition of the willing" is shrinking month by month.
For the first gulf war germany paid 25 Billion US, since they could not send any troops back then.
Germany has 3000 troops in Afghanistan. Iraq is a complete disaster. Simple as that.
The handover to the provisional government was done 48 hours before schedule. It saved a couple of
lives, and was a good move therefor. But it also shows that Iraq is not under control. Its an adventure
that this administration did not plan correctly. And that did not go as planned. Just go back and read
what Rumsfeld and Bush said in 2003. And then compare that to reality.

And, in the meantime, Bin Laden is sitting in Pakistan.
Iran is building nukes.
North Korea has them already.

And Bush?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

the cloning brush

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Now if getting more troops would be just that easy.

"I have darn good intelligence"

That was probably photoshoped equally well.

not presidential

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after he had learned that 2 airplanes hit the World Trade Center mr Bush sat there for 5 more minutes.
Reading with first grade children.

mission accomplished?

bush n binladen
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the carrier had to wait for hours that day
sailors had to wait some more hours to go home
all for this photo op

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the dollar is going down, big time


The dollar is crashing. Big time.

Don't the people that deal with Billions every don't know that Iraq is going really well?
Don't they know that Bush has a plan for the high crude oil price?
Don't they understand that this is a successful crusade?
A downward spiral like this means one thing: Money is l eaving
the US at a rapid pace.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

soros ! it must be him

this must the work of that Soros guy. President Bush never traded so low! That Billionaire must sell and sell and sell all those
options that he bought on Bushes victory. I can not explain why else the value of the Bush options would be so low.

ContractB QtyBidAskA QtyLastVolChge

Session Closed 51.1 734.5k -2.1

Session Closed 47.9 45.0k +1.1

the victory is near!

the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment will be sent to Iraq. It is the training unit that plays the opposing force in the Army Training. They have played the enemy for half a million american soldiers. Now they go themselves to Iraq. This only can mean that Rumsfeld feels he needs no more new troops trained. Rummy did it again. He told us we would be greeted as Liberators and now he tells us that the war is over by deploying an integral part of the Army infra structure.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


An awesome President deserves an awesome site
And I don't care what some liberals have to say about him.

He is awesome.